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This idea was merely acceptable to all religious and non-religious texts. But it was well known, that as a theologian you were not looking for shelter among the classical philologists or the philosophers. He was born in Geneva in His mother and grandmother were of French origin and thus French was probably more to him than just a lingua franca , 13 At the age of 13 he enrolled at the University of Feiden, following his father. Fotis Jannides et al. Berlin, New York A century later still, Johann Christoph Gottsched enrolled at the age of The same was true for the even more outstanding Johann Heinrich Dauber — On receiving his degree in his eleventh year, i.

On the top of that, he had knowledge of the Syriac, Chaldean and Arabic languages. The fact that Ezechiel was so young when he enrolled was on the one hand a sign of a certain intellectual precocity, but it also gave proof to the commitment of his father, especially in the field of the knowledge of foreign languages, but not really of anything else. Of course such a subject could in those days only be a highly controversial subject if it contained theological aspects.

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At the age of 21, Ezechiel received a chair of Eloquence at the University of Geneva—which by then had had its day, to be sure—where stayed to teach for five years. This was the last time he worked at a university.

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In he was the educator for the electoral prince at the Court of Heidelberg. There he met his younger brother, who helped rebuild the ailing university. Since at that time there was no real civil service to speak of, Spanheim could fulfil various diplomatic missions and serve several masters.


The two of them were friends with Roger Aschams , who registered at the age of 14 or With respect to the classes of the Preparatory Academy for Artists, early enrolments of that kind were apparently not that unusual. Classes here were similar to the first three years at university, but they did not have the right to award doctorate degrees. There does not seem to be a reason to doubt of either of these faculties.

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For reasons that we cannot trace back anymore, he went to Italy in The weekly meeting of scholars may have become a role model for the Spanheim conferences of later times. Above all, one intellectual passion was fostered in this time: the numerous numismatic collections offer the empiric foundation for his main work on this subject: Dissertationes de praestantia et usu numismaticum antiquorum , which was published in Rome in , edited various times thereafter and in completed by writings found in his intellectual inheritance.

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The ideas of the Jesuit Jean Hardouin — —a remarkable scholar, the contentious chro- nologist, professor of theology and librarian of the Jesuit College Louis-le-Grand—were notorious. Hardouin took upon himself the charge of refuting modem atheists, among whom he counted Descartes, Malebranche and Arnauld. He said that years earlier in France, a syndicate of frauds had counterfeited almost all Greek and Latin authors and he held that not only was all the Patristic literature fraudlent, but that it and the monuments of Church History were all forged by monks.

In quae edi- tae antea Dissertationes recensentor, mutisque accessionibus locupletantur [ Tomus primus. Londini This work contained the original nine dissertations which had been previously published in two volumes. Amstelaedami Spanheim: Vsu Numismatum antiquorum, Diss. II, pp. On the basis of the coins found, he started the Chronologiae ex nummis antiques restitutae at the end of the 17th century.

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It seems as if large parts of his inheritance were lost. We can assume that his biographer were right in saying that the very close contact with the Roman Church did not influence his protestant convictions. After this comparatively tranquil period, a political mission and family affairs brought him to England in By the end of the year he was back in England.

Simon: Lettre choisies [ Hardouin, qui est de mes amis, et qui est fort obligenat. Qvam [. Alphonsus Turretinus [ Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison He stayed there for nine years, except for occasional interruptions. This time came to an end with the death of the Great Elector and a changed world. The most important event during his stay, though, was the abolition of the Edict of Nantes. As late as , he was committed to help his brothers in faith in Paris.

This led to various diplomatic complications, and obviously he was succeeded in making public the Brandenburg reaction, i.

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Agreeing to a request to document his knowledge of the Court of Paris —Relation de la corn de France —created a historical source, which provided him with late honours in French historiography. Between the years and he stayed in Berlin. I cannot go into detail about his numerous activities in this context, as far as they are still tangible today. It would be an exciting task to decipher the very rare hints that he gave us. Except for Spanheim, no other participant was mentioned so often.

Stefan Lorenz: Ezechiel Spanheim footnote 2. Emil Schmiele, Berlin , pp. One year before his attendances at the Spanheim conference, theologians sternly reprimanded him for this stance. Full of despair, he turned to Philipp Jakob Spener in Berlin. This Codex also played a role in the arguments between Spanheim and Simon. Grabe became a member of the Anglican Church and kept conducting correspondence with Jablonski, who obviously considered the Anglican Church to be a model for that in Brandenburg. Grabe: De Forma consecrationis eucharisticae, s.

With an scholarly severity, Grabe e. Whiston considered this to be the central early-Christian text that was handed down directly by Jesus. London , III, 14— Grabe: [Vetus Testamentum iuxta Seputuaginta interpretes], quod ex antiquissimo Mss. Codice Alexandrino accurate descriptos [ Oxonii ; cf.

Spanheim: Lettre footnote 17 , pp.

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After a short mission in Paris, he had been working for the English Court since There he spent the rest of his life until his death in , and the funeral took place in a chapel of Westminster Abbey, just the way he had wanted. But except for his correspondence e.

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I call those philologists saniores, who have sana philologica, who warrant and promote the safety of the Holy Scriptures. I will not go into this, however—, pp.

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  • Ernst Friedrich Neubauer. Giessen , lib. I, cap. Buxtorfii, de eodem argumento, Dissertationi [. The criticism now was a radical one about the dignity of the Hebrew version of the Old Testament. Also, it was about the acceptance of the Samaritan Pentateuch by Jean Morin , who had converted to Catholicism. This also led to a high esteem of the tradition of the Septuagint. Lvgdvni Batavorvm Buxtorf: Dissertationes [ Spanheim: Lettre footnote 17 , p.

    Of course, very revealing was the fact that such an analysis could be used in different ways. Parisiis Parisiis , Ex. VI, pp. Simon , Reponse footnote 26 , p. Just shortly thereafter, Simon published a number of letters that mainly dealt with the problems of the Samaritan Pentateuch. Furthermore a biography of Morin was included in this work, in which he himself made a stand, cf.

    Simon : Anitquitates Ecclesiae orientalis [ Quibus praefixa est Jo. Morini [. Kritische Gesamtausgabe, Weimar , pp. Weimar , p. Recentiores vero Hebraeos, qui iudicium de vero sensu et intellectu linguae sibi sumunt, qui tamen non amici, sed hostes scripturae sunt, non recipio. Ideo saepe contra puncta prononcui, nisi congruat prior sentencia cum novo testamento, ex punctis enim nihil aliud relin- quitur, quam merae divinationes: [. Flacius realised that here was the reason for the ability to create doubts in the ambiguity of the text and in the following insecurity of its interpretation.

    From a Protestant point of view, the certidudo of the interpretation was necessarily connected with the the unitas sen- sus. The decisive point in this matter was the connection which the Protestants assumed to exist between the theological proof-theory probatio theologica and hermeneutics , hermeneutica sacra. This served as an explanation to the question why they were at least until the middle of the 18th century so hesitant to accept these findings. Due to the weaker connection between their doctrine concerning proofs and hermeneutics, Catholic scholars experienced far less problems in this area.

    Leiden, New York, Copenhagen, Cologne , pp.

    Ghalfont St Giles , ed. Jordanova and Roy Porter, pp. Basilae , Tract.