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Rosen seems like a strong system fit and has already endured a season in the abyss in Arizona in , and this can't possibly be as backwards as that. He was already fairly pro-ready before becoming a pro and the calluses he picked up with the Cardinals should serve him well in He has some speedy pass catchers on offense in Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills , and while the offensive line still scares me, it will be better than anything he played behind a year ago.

Rosen has the opportunity to prove a lot of people wrong and make a lot of GMs look like fools for not trading for him in the second round. Even if he plays well but not well enough to prevent Miami from using a top pick on a QB in , Rosen could be primed for big things elsewhere and bottom line is he has already endured what will likely be the toughest year of his career.

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I'd buy low on him all day long and I bet he looks the part foe the Dolphins. Enough smart football people have told me that Haskins sitting for at least part of the season is the way to go that I am now convinced of it. And easing him in, I hope, is the way they go. But managing a QB is very high up on the looong, looong list of things that this franchise has proven to be utterly incapable of during owner Dan Snyder's tenure.

Of this I am acutely aware. And the fact that coach Jay Gruden is coaching for his life gives me pause as well. But this kid went through some coaching chaos at Ohio State and waited his turn and is incredibly mature and, playing high school ball down the road, is aware of Washington's twisted and sordid QB history.

He has the tools to break the cycle, if healthy this offensive line can be stout and they should be able to run the hell out of the ball.

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I think they got better at WR in the draft and Jordan Reed can make a lot of plays for him if, yeah, he can stay on the field himself. Yes, there are a lot of ifs here, but I've got a feeling by this time next year Washington is abuzz with Haskins fever and people are feeling a lot better about the Skins. The fact that John Elway fell for him in the draft, in and of itself, is a bad omen.

But I like the fact that Denver showed restraint in when and where it moved up to select him and sitting behind Joe Flacco should be very good for him Flacco will be fine with him and people need to stop dissecting OTA quotes in May where everything is overblown because nothing is going on. Vic Fangio will unleash this talented defense and look what his unit did for Mitchell Trubisky last season.

Just manage the game, son, learn that play script, make two big throws a game and hand it off to Philip Lindsay a bunch. Denver has some blue chip players and while the receiving room doesn't wow me, it could certainly be worse.

If the Broncos have a slow start and Flacco is prone to injuries and interceptions as he'd been the past four years or so, this transition could occur much more quickly than it should. But if Lock gets a redshirt year he could become a solid steward for this offense over time though expecting him to ever be a top QB will likely prove to be a reach. The men primarily responsibly for gross organization negligence; the very men who killed Rosen a year ago like Kenny in an un-aired "South Park" episode, are still in charge — owner Michael Bidwell and GM Steve Keim — and the head coach has zero NFL experience outside of a short-lived backup career.

Strap in there tight, Kyler. Could be a wild ride. I have no idea how Kliff Kingsbury's coaching career will play out, though nightmares about Chip Kelly and Steve Spurrier do come to mind. Perhaps he will revolutionize football with a diminutive QB. And I love the Cardinals draft overall.

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But this franchise has zero pedigree incubating and nurturing a young QB and the risk of injury seems high is this line going to be much better than the one that seemed intent on breaking Rosen? Ultimate boom or bust play with Kliff and Kyler We'll see how long it lasts. Had the Giants taken him at No. But that's not how GM Dave Gettleman rolls. Westport, Conn. Benet, Carol. New York : Peter Lang, Wilcox, Leonard, ed.

Basingstoke, Macmillan, Wade, Leslie A.

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Sam Shepard and the American Theater. Bottoms, Stephen J. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Some materials restricted. Please contact the SWWC for information about access. Preferred Citation. Boston University houses a collection of Sam Shepard Papers. Short Stories. Literary Criticism. Published Compilations. Works by Others. Framed Posters. This series is notable in that Shepard meticulously identified each annotated draft with the date and place by city and state of each revision, and there tend to be multiple drafts of each work represented.

Many of the short stories represented in this series were published in short story compilations Motel Chronicles and Cruising Paradise The series has been arranged by those compilation titles. Volador was a working title for Cruising Paradise ; those files immediately precede the files labeled Cruising Paradise. This series is divided into two subseries.

Of the films in this subseries, Silent Tongue includes the most information 1 linear foot , followed by Far North ,. Thunderheart includes storyboards and color photographs, Dash and Lily includes an advertisement.

Script Archive: One-Act Plays

The Notebooks series includes handwritten notes, dialogue ideas, small drawings, and journal entries, usually in spiral bound notebooks. Some entries are personal and many were or were intended to be developed into longer works. Chaikin, Joseph, The majority of these letters from Joseph Chaikin to Shepard relate to plays the two collaborated on. Also included is an advance proof, articles on Shepard and Chaikin, and a photograph of Chaikin by Ray Maichen.

This series includes news clippings regarding Shepard and his work. This series includes award certificates, correspondence, presentation programs, and clippings for awards Shepard received from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, among other institutions. This series is comprised of a conversation between Bob Dylan and Shepard, ca.

No transcript currently exists for these 3 audiocassettes, but the tapes have been transferred to CD as listening copies. Authors mailed the works to Shepard for his comments, and many items include typescripts annotated by Shepard and correspondence. Includes 4 posters that were removed from the collection and framed for exhibit. Additional unframed posters can be found listed within the collection.

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Detailed Description of the Collection. Series I: Plays, , undated. Tooth of Crime Includes photograph of Mohammed Ali. Curse of the Starving Class Buried Child True West Louis program, Fool For Love Signed by Shepard, October, A Lie of the Mind The War in Heaven Sangre de Cristo unfinished States of Shock May 5, Heavily annotated typescript with music and sound cues, and rehearsal schedule for American Place Theater production.

Who Was Ray Bradbury?

Simpatico Theater, September August Seduced The Unseen Hand and Other Plays When the World Was Green Eyes for Consuela Unfinished Unidentified Play Virginia, December , Florida, and December , Virginia. Series II: Unpublished Novels, , undated. Series IV: Films, March 22, Far North January, Plain Fate unfinished, February, Onibaba May Silent Tongue Mulroney, and a female in front of stage wagon and 3x5 of burial tree.

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  7. A Rage of Unknown Origin , undated. Bright Angel, screenplay by Richard Ford Dash and Lilly Series V: Literary Criticism, Series VI: Notebooks, , undated. Synthetic Tears screenplay outline,. Series VII: Correspondence, , undated. Berman, Lois, August 18, Cuyama Valley Exchange Club. August 29, Mitchell, Joni, circa Gantcher, Neal to Martin Licker , June 6, Kirwin, Lynne to Lois Berman , June 27, Allen, Lewis to Lois Berman , June 29, Shewey, Don to Lois Berman , July 12, Shewey, Don, July 12, Berman, Lois, July 17, Allen, Lewis, July 17, Lynn and Jack first names only , November 26, Ward, Melinda, February 28, Weiler, Robert S.

    Sato, Suzanne, July 8, Gotlieb, Howard, April 4, Mark, Steven to Martin Licker , June 7, Wenders, Wim, July 22, Crane, Joan, July 28, Crane, Joan, August 2, Wexler, Haskell, September 30, Wexler, Haskell, October 21, Daugherty, Pat, December 19, Berman, Lois, May 17, Ford, Richard, August 10, Sinise, Gary, November 4, Halpern, Daniel, October 25, Hill, Steve, December 18, Berman, Lois, January 17, Newman, Paul, May 15, Callens, Johan to Lois Berman , October 30, Kulkhe, K.

    Boals, Judy, April 15, Includes poster and slides from a Paris production of.