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A new Capitol fight to boost vaccine rates

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Measles Outbreak Renews Debate Over Vaccinations - The View

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I purchased this book for myself, as a pediatric nurse I needed "talking points" to try to convince paents of immunizing their children. Format: Paperback.

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In his attempt to write a balanced perspective on vaccines, Jacob Heller fails to write with scientific accuracy, confusing basic concepts such as "cells" versus "viruses. Though they do infect and replicate within cells, viruses themselves are simply not considered cells by biologists.


Heller continues to confuse this concept throughout the book. Heller is a sociologist and not a scientist, but there is little excuse for not understanding the distinction between a virus and a cell when you are writing a book largely about vaccines, some of which against viral infections and others which defend against pathogenic bacteria bacteria, unlike viruses, are cellular organisms. I get the sense that Heller fancies himself an impartial middle observer of the "vaccines debate," and he clearly wishes to argue that vaccines and their success stories are more complicated than the 'vaccine narrative' sold to use by health professionals and public health agencies.

But in my opinion his work here has little of value to offer. It's a shame, too, because a sociological perspective on vaccines is sorely needed and deserves a better treatment. See all 2 customer reviews. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

View or edit your browsing history. Back to top. Get to Know Us. As the insatiable, profit-driven vaccine makers push measles hysteria, the media—beholden to the pharmaceutical industry for advertising revenue—are their mouthpiece. None of these parties want people to know that solutions other than vaccines exist.

Yet we know that vitamin A is a powerful weapon in the arsenal to reduce rates of measles complications. In fact, the World Health Organization WHO promotes vitamin A supplementation in developing countries where measles is epidemic, and its vitamin A campaigns have been heralded as huge successes see pages , and Link at the bottom of the article. While MMR provides effective protection against mumps for most people, immunity against mumps may decrease over time and some people may no longer be protected against mumps later in life.

Both serologic and epidemiologic evidence indicate that vaccine-induced measles immunity appears to be long-term and probably lifelong in most persons.

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This information is outdated and has been proven completely wrong! Over time, vaccine-induced antibody levels drop throughout the aging population, leaving people vulnerable to infection. These two factors—the waning of the vaccine and the inability to effectively revaccinate back into protection—leave the previously vaccinated adult population completely unprotected. That natural immunity can keep measles infections in check for several years. As vaccinated children age out of protection and vaccination rates for younger children remain high, there are no longer as in the pre-vaccine era young children with wild measles in the population to provide natural boosters to adults.

Sadly, the honeymoon is then over pages This explains why such a high percentage of the people contracting measles in recent outbreaks are vaccinated adults. For example, during the infamous Disneyland outbreak and subsequent U. While officials like to blame the unvaccinated for measles outbreaks, these and other statistics show that the vaccinated are susceptible. In addition, the age of the California cases ranged from six weeks to 70 years old, with a median age of In the pre-vaccine era, half of all children had measles by age six, with the rest acquiring the illness in the years shortly thereafter—this is when measles are mildest and have the lowest rate of complications.

The fact that so many of the California cases were in their 20s or older indicates a significant upward trend in measles incidence at older ages due to vaccine failure. There is another unintended consequence resulting from low measles antibody titers in previously vaccinated adults: women of childbearing age do not have enough antibodies to pass sufficient amounts to their newborn babies.

This makes their infants more susceptible to contracting measles pages These infants most likely would have been protected if their mothers had contracted wild measles as children. In short, the science shows a shift in the demographics of measles cases due to the vaccine program. This shift has effectively transferred the risk to the two groups most vulnerable to serious complications , namely newborns and adults. Scientists are also recognizing the same pattern of vaccine failure for other infectious diseases over which we thought we had achieved control pages Research … demonstrated that additional doses of MMR given to adults have minimal effect on raising antibody levels, and the increased titers are very temporary—decreasing in under four months!

Falsehood 3: Previously vaccinated adults with waning antibody protection can receive effective and lasting protection from MMR booster shots Research published in in the Journal of Infectious Diseases demonstrated that additional doses of MMR given to adults have minimal effect on raising antibody levels, and the increased titers are very temporary —decreasing in under four months! It is readily apparent that we cannot vaccinate our way out of this problem pages So, what do we do now? Conspicuously, measles, mumps and rubella are absent from the survey.

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I have searched extensively and have not found any other surveys that include them. Is it because the vast majority of adults are post-vaccine-era age i. Is it because the survey designers know that the percentage of adults affirming vaccination against M, M or R would be extremely low?

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Vaccine researchers have known for some time now that the antibody titers wane rapidly and that adults are not protected. As already discussed, vaccines have destroyed the natural lifelong herd immunity that came from the immune response produced by wild measles infection.

This has led to a change in the demographic profile of people who get measles, away from 4- to year-olds pre-vaccine —in whom the illness is mildest—toward infants and adults post-vaccine —the very populations in whom measles cause the most complications pages and Evidence is emerging that the measles virus is mutating as a result of intense vaccine pressure.

A article in the Journal of Virology warns of this ominous signal, a discovery of what they are calling the D4. Moreover, the mutant strain was not effectively neutralized when tested against sera from approximately 70 North American vaccinated individuals. The concern is that, under conditions of high vaccination coverage, the measles virus is finding ways to survive.

In the pre-vaccine era, childhood exposure to wild measles conferred protection for the whole population through maintenance of robust lifelong immunity against all measles variants.